• Dr Banks will chair the Cognition and Performance Panel at the 2nd Annual Society for NeuroSports conference. You can read his full bio here.
  • Finding ways to cope with stress and prevent impairment in cognitive functioning and thus performance is a topic of great relevance to athletes. In recent years, we have seen an uptick in sports neuroscience research as it pertains to the impact of mindfulness on stress response.
  • Dr Bank's research focuses on working memory, mind wandering, and attentional control. Dr. Banks’ research also examines the impact of acute and chronic stress on cognitive function and is examining mechanisms responsible for stress related working memory and executive functioning impairments.
  • In this line of research Dr. Banks is interested in interventions that may alter the impact of stress, including expressive writing and mindfulness meditation.

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Consult Dr Bank's CV, along with a list of his most recent publications here.

The 2nd Annual Society for NeuroSports Conference