• Dr Clark will chair the Brain Injury and Post Injury Panel at the 2nd Annual Society for NeuroSports conference.
  • You can find his full bio here.
  • Athletic concussions and traumatic brain injuries  have been in the forefront of the public’s focus due to the high-profile injuries, deaths, and lawsuits associated with long-term consequences they have on the players' wellbeing.
  • In recent years, the management of TBIs in sports has come under scrutiny from academia and media, both noting the short- and long-term outcomes associated with concussions
  • The current data indicates an association of a decreased incidence of concussion among football players during the competitive seasons where vision training was performed as part of the preseason training
  • Exciting research coming out of the University of Cincinnati Athletics Department suggests that visual enhancement training can positively impact batting statistics in college baseball players.

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Video study reference(s)

Clark JF, Ellis JK, Bench J, Khoury J, Graman P (2012) High-Performance Vision Training Improves Batting Statistics for University of Cincinnati Baseball Players. PLOS ONE 7(1): e29109.

The 2nd Annual Society for NeuroSports Conference