Course In-Sanity

Do you feel like your brain is letting you down?

You are not alone. 

As the world comes to grips with the Coronavirus pandemic, our capacity to deal with the mental burden of prolonged stretches of isolation and global uncertainty has been severely challenged. 

What can you do, outside of your ability to contend and adapt? 

Learn how to manage your brain.

As a part of interdisciplinary panel discussions at Nova Southeastern University, Dr Jaime Tartar delivered a scintillating talk on the many struggles the human brain encounters in the modern day, attracting over 600 online participants from all over the world. 

PS: It is a rather rare occurrence to hear Dr Tartar address an audience comprised chiefly of the members of the general public. If you don't know your anterior cingulate cortex from your elbow, you probably will appreciate the omission of some of the most technical terms in favor of more general brain terminology.

Today, more than ever, getting a firm grip on how your brain works is extremely valuable.

Based on the content of Dr Tartar's presentation, I created a free online course which I would like to share with you during a time when I believe it to be particularly helpful.


Here's a sneak peek into the course in-sanity!

How to manage a misbehaving brain with Dr Jaime Tartar