E-gaming athletes vs elite athletes

Maj. Allison Brager, PhD, from Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), won the best poster prize for her research poster on Cognitive Phenotypes of Elite E-Gaming Athletes at the Inaugural Conference of the Society for NeuroSports


Adapted from: 

"Proceedings from the First Annual Society for NeuroSports Conference," Journal of the Society for NeuroSports: Vol. 1 , Article 1. Kochen, William R. (2020) " Click here to access the poster abstract

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About the poster authors:

  1. Allison Brager 1, 2*, Patrick Belling 3, Jason Sada 3
    1Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), Silver Spring, MD
    2United States Army Recruiting Command, Fort Knox, KY
    3 MAMBA Sports Venture Lab, Thousand Oaks, CA
    *Corresponding authors – Allison Brager PhD
    E-mail address: abrager@msm.edu