• Even though not a linear process, life is learning, and learning is life. As I look back on my journey, I realize that every now and again, remarkable people enter our industry.
  • Over the years, I have been very fortunate to cross paths with so many great individuals who greatly influenced my development.  
  • In 'People that Inspire' series, I share some of the most impactful lessons I learnt from the battle-scared veterans, industry insiders, research extraordinaires and all-round amazing human beings.

There are few people that can inspire from nearly 10 000 km away as well as Dr Jaime Tartar, the head honcho of @societyforneurosports. When not busy putting sports neuroscience on the map, Dr Tartar conducts research, runs experiments, lectures and mentors students. When you meet a great leader, you immediately know it. Suffice it to say, from the moment I learnt about Society's mission 'from lab bench to weight bench' I was fully in!

I'm extremely grateful for all the teachings and mentoring Dr Tartar continues to deliver so generously. Whilst I cannot provide an exhaustive list of all the concepts and ideas Dr Tartar has opened my eyes to, here's a mini-breakdown approximating some of the most impactful lessons: