1 Month Individualized Consulting Package: Sharp Mind & Strong Body Solutions



4 PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS: delivered online over the course of 4 weeks, at the time of your choosing.
a la carte market value: 200 EUR

TRAINING: Tailor-made, sustainable training protocol, appropriate for your goals and fitness level.
a la carte market value: 100 EUR

RECOVERY/SLEEP AND COGNITIVE HEALTH: Personalised cognitive health/ sleep and recovery plan.
a la carte market value: 100 EUR

NUTRITION:  Dietary guidance and individualized supplement plan.
a la carte market value: 100 EUR

BIOFEEDBACK ANALYSIS: Including blood work, DNA sequencing and genomic reporting, and EEG neural oscillations.
a la carte market value: 75 EUR

UNLIMITED COMMUNICATION: Guaranteed 48 hr turnaround time.
a la carte market value: 50 EUR

REFERRALS: Gain access to relevant labs, institutions, and practitioners.
a la carte market value: invaluable

Total a la carte market value, 1 month: 625 EUR
1-month Sharp Mind and Strong Body Consultation Pack:  379 EUR/month.


Product Description


Q: Who I will be working with?  The Sharp Mind and Strong Body Consultations are handled exclusively by the founder of KC-performance, Kamil Celoch MS MA CSSN CISSN CPPS

Q: How many consultation packages do you normally recommend? This would normally depend on your goals and personal preference, but the idea behind the Sharp Mind and Strong Body Solutions is to equip the client with the highest level of autonomy, to the extent possible. The consults have a strong educational component aimed at giving you the fishing rod, rather than the fish. In practical terms, this means that you could continue on your own upon successful completion of several phases, if you so wish. Some clients, on the other hand, will favor continuous collaboration as it suits their goals best.

Q: Do you issue invoices? A: Yes, all clients receive an invoice upon purchase. 

Q: Can I claim your services as a tax-deductible, professional expense? Some self-employed individuals and company owners may be eligible- please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Q: I am not based in Brussels, but I would love to work with you: do you offer your services remotely? Yes, in fact the vast majority of Sharp Mind and Strong Body consultations are delivered online. 

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