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I am not in the business of selling dreams. I trust you have your own.


KC-Performance was founded to inspire you to regain a sense of agency over your performance. 


The big rocks ofcognitive & physical performance 


Optimizing your nutritional status with a sustainable plan of action greatly increases the likelihood of  favorable changes in body composition and performance outcomes. 

Likewise, nutrition has been shown to have a profound impact on cognition and brain health.



Well designed training plan will allow you to force your adaptation(s) of choice (your body's response to training, be it physiologic, physical or performance based)   

Equally, exercise may well be the most reliable and underrated cognitive 'enhancer'. 

Sleep & Stress Management

Crucial to physical recovery, healthy brain and everything in between, sleep is the ultimate performance enabler.
Learning how to manage your state and getting a grip on your runaway thoughts will facilitate all aspects of recovery.   


Sharp Mind Strong Body


Consulting services

Evidently, evidence-based. Take control of your training, nutrition and sleep. 

Every year, I accept a small, select group of individuals, whom I assist every step of their journey to achieve their performance goals.

I have worked with a portfolio of clients as diverse as CEOs, EU officials, lawyers and athletes.

KC-Performance is fully committed to improving productivity and managing work-related stress with the help of the most scientifically sound practices.  

Access to quality sports nutrition, training and recovery modalities, both inside and outside of competition, is sought-after by athletes at all levels: elite, professional and recreational. 

Client Testimonials

A no-nonsense approach with a touch of gentleness, tailor made approach and well- founded advice is his recipe and that is what you will get. Passionate about training, taking care of his clients and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition. Kamil is not only a coach; he is a mentor...

Pieter P

International Partner in a Global Law Firm
Kamil is one of the hardest working and passionate sports performance professionals that I know. He helps everyone who has the pleasure of working with him to raise the bar higher.

Kamyar B

Former Head Coach, Brussels Black Angels
I am grateful for Kamil's evidence-based advice, always on point ! Our consults are insightful and help keep me on the right track, while adapting my nutrition plan as we go along.

Tihana V

ENVI Committee, European Parliament
Efficient, powerful and cerebral, Kamil is the coach that I recommend to all my loved ones who want to take a step in their athletic journey.

Nicolas D

Former Linebacker, Belgium National Team and Brussels Black Angels
Of all the strength and conditioning consultants I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with when leading teams all across Europe, Mr. Kamil Celoch demonstrated the highest degree of competence and technical expertise.

Klaudiusz C

Belgian National Team Defensive Coordinator (US football)
Between April and July 2021, I had the opportunity to have a set of 10 sessions of one-to-one Sharp Mind and Body consultations with Kamil. As a goal-oriented person with a scientific and technical background, I expressed my clear needs, goals and a pre-defined timeframe I expected the optimal high performing results to be reached by. Following my clear input regarding desired results, Kamil proposed a personalized plan, modalities, diet, and physical training schedule, all supported by scientific articles backing those lifestyle changes. During the 1-to-1 weekly consultation sessions, we had the opportunity to exchange and mutually challenge our points of view. Kamil took the time to give scientific-based arguments answering all my concerns as we discussed the latest research findings on the topics of interest. I experienced continuous increase in my physical performance and mind sharpness from the second week of the agreed personalized plan of modalities, one which I followed with a stoic discipline.


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